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February 8th, 2006 (01:26 pm)

I feel: crappy

Wow, yesterday was SOOO not good.....Well, it was GREAT....then I got home and started talking 2 David on the phone.......

Yeah....lets just say.....we had a HUGE argument last night......

Anyways.....Yesterday was fun after school....I stayed with Nancy after school....and Josh was there, and he was across the room, but we were still talking on AIM....and AMAZINGLY, I ACTUALLY talked 2 him!!! I mean after, when he was waiting outside after, we actually talked....for like 5 seconds.....Yeah.....but I think I am gonna stay today after school...though Nancy isn't here, and she WAS the reason I was in Lewis's class in the first place.....Soo yeah.......

Well...bell rang......ttyl

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February 6th, 2006 (02:39 pm)

I feel: amused

I am bored as hello kitty......yeah....don't know much 2 say though.....But after school will be fun!! B/c nancy and i stay after school, and josh comes...and she is gonna confuse the HELL out of him!!!! YAYY! I can't wait!! Yeah....im gonna go do work...yes...work....Amazing huh?

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(no subject)

January 27th, 2006 (02:34 pm)

I feel: sick

I feel like shit!! But I just can't wait for tomorrow!! THE RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!! Yeah.......Sooo....I think after school I will....i dont' know go stop by moms work for a little bit, then go get the Grand Prix from dad so I can fill it up when I go out to mill creek for the swim meet....Yes, I know, why the hell am i going if i am not on the team anymore but I am going 2 the meet....
I think I am just stopping by for a little bit!!

OK G2G 2 classss

dallis_dallara4 [userpic]


November 8th, 2005 (03:26 pm)

okay, it's not mine...its my dad's, but I still use it!!

dallis_dallara4 [userpic]


October 10th, 2005 (09:49 pm)

I feel: happy
I'm listenign to: Dizzy- Goo Goo Dolls

Soooo.....today wasn't that bad of a day!!! Wow, that doesn't happen much eh??

Well, it was pretty boring at first, I mean, Web Design and Spanish II are kinda boring.

Then I go to PLC, and I mean, it's a Monday, what fun is that??

But there wasn't any shit happening!!!

We got out early because of the parade thingy, but I wasn't in it b/c I just didn't really feel like sitting on a truck being like "woo hoo, I'm from PLC!"


So, then after school, I talked to kitty online, and she said she was going to the fair, and she would meet me there.

So I begged my dad, and I finally got him to let me.

So while I was waiting for dad to finish getting ready, I called Justin, yes you heard me right, JUSTIN!!!

And I was like "I'm going to the fair, I'm meeting Kitty there, you can come."

So, he said he was going when his mom got home.

So I went ahead to the fair and finally found Kitty, and I walked around with her, then we found Sean and we walked around with him also.

Yes, I walked around with SEAN!!! Haha, amazing eh??

Then finally, Justin called Sean saying he was there and Kitty, Sean, and I all started looking for him.

Finally, we found him, and so ya.

Then, he like hugged everybody, and I was like "gosh, don't hug me!".

So ya, he was like fine.

So then we walked around and he kinda had his arm around me.


Justin and I are back together.

And then, it was just Justin and I walking around with Sean and his girlfriend.

And to tell you the truth, Sean wasn't an ass like I had assumed he would be.

I underestimated him, or w/e.

So, I don't know how, but before Justin was there, Sean and I were talking, and somehow got on the subject of me breaking up with Justin and stuff.

And I was like "well, it was kinda b/c I was kind of having a panic attack, because I cared a lot about how hurt Justin was going to be. And I don't want to kiss your fucking ass!"

He was like "oh, yeah, I guess I owe you an appology."

I said, "naw, we can keep it uneven like this!"

SO, yeah...tonight was pretty good!!!

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